Next Running Day is Wednesday 28th September (Steam)
- - School Holiday Special

  Running Days for September 2016
- Wednesday 28th September (Steam)
- - School Holiday Special

  Running Days for October 2016
- Sunday 2nd October (Steam)
- Sunday 9th October (Diesel)
- Sunday 16th October (Steam)
- Sunday 30th October (Steam)
- - Halloween Special

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Our Heritage Foot Bridge

This footbridge was relocated to Moorooduc in 2004 where it was extensively restored from its dilapidated state after residing at North Fitzroy for many years after the line closed. Considered to be the longest and highest VR timber footbridge at the time, it spanned the North Fitzroy Line a short branch line constructed off the lnner Circle Railway.
The bridge carried heavy traffic during the football season leading spectators Into the Fitzroy football stadium.
The route was to be extended directly into Melbourne but this never eventuated after the link via Collingwood was constructed, and with the short distance from Melbourne to North Fitzroy the station did not last long as a passenger stop and the site was sold during the 1990's.